Lending & Borrowing 1

Explore the various options to profit from the crypto market. Besides the trading avenue you can also earn on the coins in your portfolio.

Lend your coins in the actively traded market and earn a fixed return on this. Sit back and watch your investment grow from all sources.

See it to believe it.

Lending APY %
Borrow APY %
AaveAaveAAVE0.2461 %4.6379 %-
Basic Attention TokenBasic Attention TokenBAT0.0054 %2.1234 %-
CompoundCompoundCOMP0.6092 %7.6073 %-
DAI1.4191 %3.2714 %-
EthereumEthereumETH0.0978 %2.9797 %-
ChainlinkChainlinkLINK0.0347 %2.9861 %-